When you submit the wrong Program IDs…

I just had to delete a whole lot username records from the database, where a heap of people had submitted the wrong info for one of the programs… and that was stopping new members from signing up for that program.

In this case, it was for AdCardz where the instructions specifically asked for an AdCard ID NUMBER… but people had submitted the full link, their usernames, email addresses and even random links for other programs and offers.

Bottom line, none of those work. So when your referrals try to signup under you in the program, they get an error. Page Not Found. Some ask for help but most just go to the top of the website and sign up there… ie NOT with your link.

I’d really recommend EVERYONE check AdCardz in the Program List and make sure your AdCard ID is still saved… if it’s gone, it wasn’t correct and wasn’t working. Please check your notes and save JUST THE ID NUMBER.

I’d also suggest you go through and check your saved USER ID DETAILS for ALL PROGRAMS to double-check that what you have saved matches the info we ask for. This will usually be a NUMBER, a USERNAME, sometimes an EMAIL or in just a couple of cases, a FULL URL. We do have checks to try and enforce this, but it’s not foolproof, so it’s on you to check your work!

If you get it wrong, you won’t get signups, so it’s vital that you make sure this is all done properly. If there were this many mistakes in just one program, there’s probably hundreds of Members missing out on program signups across the board!




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  • Delisa Sullins

    I know it’s important to do the work correctly but sometimes things can get very confusing just saying. I’m going to do the best I can with this and I hope it’s a success for me as well as others as well. Thanks for the opportunity

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