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When we first set up the NoBS site, I spent a whole lot of time creating a step-by-step plan for people to create their own version of my Lifetime Traffic System for themselves. Unfortunately it ended up way to long and complicated and almost no one ever completed it.

Those who did raved about it, but they were few and far between.

I probably would have let it go altogether, except I started getting bombarded by all these one-click traffic offers… some were clearly scams, others were loophole systems that would never last, and others were going to cost the user a small fortune and still never deliver on the promise.

That sort of thing always pisses me off on a good day, and this was right at the start of the pandemic shutdown… so I was actually pretty angry that people sell this crap, and also that so many people want to believe it will work.

And I decided to use the lockdown to build something substantial that would work, if people were prepared to put in the effort. Turns out the lockdown wasn’t long enough… and there were other distractions…  and it took the best part of a year before it was ready to go.

We finally opened the doors on EzHitzs for beta-testers in early January 2021, and then to the general public at the end of the month. So it’s very early days but the feedback has been excellent and the numbers are backing it up… over 200,000 hits the first week… and most of those generated on full auto.

Be Warned: This Is For Serious Marketers Only!

There’s a link below and you are invited to look it over, but you should know there is real work required… seems to be taking most people 2-4 hours… and even when you’re done, it will take time to build up.

But if you put in the time and effort and do the work, what we’re offering is essentially a lifetime supply of high-quality hands-free traffic.

The program is totally free to join… there are no OTOs or upsells… but at some stage you will need to pay for a few 3rd party upgrades.

These are cheap and you can work up to them… we even include a few program that pay you for free referrals, so you could fund them that way… but if you’re in a hurry to make this work and earn some cash, you’ll probably want to have $20-$30 available to invest now.

So if that sounds like something you could get on board with, please click below to check it out…

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