True Lifetime Traffic

Without question, the biggest con-job in the entire online marketing industry is the idea that free traffic sites are there to help you get visitors to your websites and other offers.

That might be the sales pitch, but the reality is: it just doesn’t work like that… and they know it!

Free Traffic sites are simply a tool for the owner to build a list of willing helpers who’ll generate masses of page views… that the site owner can sell.

It’s a classic example of the internet truism…

If it’s free, then you’re the product!

It really makes no difference to the website owner how many visitors you get to your website.

It doesn’t matter whether the visitors you do get opt-in or join or buy anything either.

Any traffic is entirely coincidental.

In fact, most of the free traffic sites are set up in a way that ensures they cannot work as promised, but that’s a whole other story. I’ve written about this in detail on the Blog, so I won’t go into it here, except to say:

The sooner you stop using these websites and take a strategic long-term approach to
generating your own traffic… the sooner you’re actually going to make some money!

And that’s what the original True Lifetime Traffic Training Guide was all about…

I originally published it to show you step-by-step, how to set up your own Complete Traffic System, that would create an ongoing flow of traffic you could direct to any offer you want, forever, with minimal time and effort.

Sounds pretty cool right? Except it turns out it was just too complicated for most people, and the vast majority never got through it. Most raved about the parts they did get done, but everyone had an excuse why they didn’t ever finish…

So when Covid hit and we went into lockdown, I decided to turn the complete guide into a website that would make it all much simpler, faster to set up and even more effective. That launched last week and is already going gang-busters… over 200,000 unique visitors in less than a week!

That’s open now, and at time of writing you can still lock-in a free lifetime membership… click below to review the complete package and grab your spot.

Claim Your EzHitzs Founder Membership


There was a lot of great content in the original training, so I’ll repost that as standalone articles as time permits.. keep an eye out!

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