Hands-Free Traffic for AdCardz & AdBoards

If you’re reading this then congratulations… you’ve either just created your own AdBoard, or you’ve posted a free Ad on someone else’s AdBoard. Either way, you’re on your way to generating masses of hands-free traffic to your offers.

The only catch is, you do need to feed the machine! 

AdCardz works incredibly well, once you get a bit of momentum happening. This applies equally to AdBoard owners and AdCardz advertisers. You do need to send some traffic to begin with, to get a few signups, to start things rolling.

The good news is, the effects are compounding, so if you get those same few signs ups every month, this can explode your numbers far beyond anything you might imagine right now.

So the most effective strategy here is to activate some fast/instant traffic to get things moving… AND to also create some ongoing promotions that will keep on delivering a few visitors every month, while you move on to other things…

And without a doubt, the more time you spend on this now, the better your Ads will perform over the longer-term. So if you can spend an hour or two on this now, you’ll create a serious, ongoing flow of visitors that will last for years.

The most important question for you right now is, are you the sort of person who does the work? Or do you tend to get sidetracked and move on to other things before you get things fully set up and running?

I’m not judging…

I know I’m always impatient to get on to the next job and all too often I’ll skip over the important but tedious tasks…

I’ll plan to come back later, but somehow I rarely do.

So these days I find it’s easier to make a small investment to have the tedious traffic tasks done for me. That way when I find or buy something new that needs a few visitors to get things moving, I can set it up there-and-then, and know the job is done and I can move on to other things.

Now I use AdCardz a lot. I’ve got several AdBoards of my own, plus I post my Ads on lots of other people’s Adboards.

And all those AdCardz need to be activated.

I also like to go over and above the minimums, to really get things moving. But my time is precious, so there are a few shortcuts I use extensively for this purpose…

EzClix Buyer Traffic Club

This sends BUYER traffic to any link you want for less than $10 a month. For a one time add-on of $17, you can get that traffic sent to three links. So I’ve always got one or two of these pointing to my AdBoards, with the third sending visitors to my best converting affiliate offer at the time.

With the one-time upgrade you also get 3 banner slots and a login ad. I use EzAdz Banner Campaigns for those… 468×60 banners for the Banner Slots, 600×300 banners for the Login Ad slot. These EzAdz campaigns let me easily promote a mix of of 3rd Party offers, my own sites, social content and more…

Best of all, EzClix pays a 50% affiliate commission, and converts extremely well on AdCardz, so I’ve got extra AdCards on multiple AdBoards promoting that as well, so it’s costing me nothing and making me money instead!

You can promote this directly via WarriorPlus as a non-customer, but if you purchase you’ll get instant affiliate approval and full instructions in your welcome email.

Checkout EzClix Here! 


It’s worth noting: there are quite a few services available now that look a lot like EzClix, but they’re not!

Their main sources of traffic are Member’s viewing other Members’ offers and Visitors arriving on the site looking to join. So you’re paying by the month for what is basically a traffic exchange! And a pretty awful one at that… I’ve tried all of these and the best of them can only manage about 5 visitors a day… even with the upgrades!

By comparison, EzClix is currently delivering 4-5 times that, and less than 1% of the traffic you’ll get from EzClix will be other Members and Prospective Members. Instead it will mostly come from premium traffic campaigns, established viral systems and advertising across the EzSites network and the web in general.

So yes, EzClix might cost a little extra but it delivers so much more!


Top Dogs Rotator

If you prefer one-time payments, this has been my go-to for instant hands-free traffic for a few years now. A single payment gets you a huge bundle of traffic credits that you can send to any page you like. I originally got the top option of 1 million hits for $147, but there are smaller/cheaper options available.

You can then assign those credits to any page you like and they’ll run until they’re delivered. Your pages are viewed across some 300+ other websites, so you get some good, broad exposure with virtually no effort at all… submit your link, set a number of views and let it run…

This traffic is not the same quality as EzClix, but the volume more than makes up for it.

Any time I create a new AdCard I’ll add it here with a couple of thousand views, which will get it activated almost immediately, and keep a good flow of traffic passing through for several  months… which really kickstarts the viral effect.

Likewise, whenever I launch a new AdBoard, I’ll load it up with 20K views or so, to really get it established.

The best approach I’ve found there is to add some of my own AdCards first, and then split the 20K views among each of the AdCard links.  That way the different Ads are all getting good exposure in the Featured Ad position at the top of the page.

I use TopDogs for a lot of other promos as well. The sheer volume and convenience is priceless. It means I can log in any time and just add a link and send a truckload of visitors to any offer I like.

So I use it extensively to test new offers, I send a load of traffic to the various traffic co-ops built into some of our other sites, and I’ll often send a traffic boost to my own downline members.

Best of all, when I have an offer that is converting, I can keep the traffic flowing quickly, easily and very, very economically.

So again, this one does cost a little more upfront, but when you look at the cost per visit it is easily the best value traffic you’re ever going to find…

Check Out Top Dogs Rotator Here


P.S. Want to know what to promote on your AdBoard?

Check out this gallery of top converting offers on EzClix… these are the offers our top members are promoting… and you can promote too!

Top Affiliate Offers For AdCardz

P.P.S. Haven’t seen AdCardz Yet?

If you arrived here from somewhere else and you’re wondering what AdCardz is all about, you can get the details here.

You can post your own free mega-viral ads on any AdBoard, or sign up as an AdBoard Owner and use the platform to promote your own offers, generate masses of viral traffic and create a passive income selling advertising add-on to your advertisers…


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      Unfortunately neither of these sites accept PayPal… or more accurately, PayPal doesn’t accept these sites. Not sure about TopDogs but they closed our account several years back for some infraction. Never worked out why exactly, just shut us down and said we weren’t welcome. A lot of people got banned the same way, so assume TopDogs was much the same.

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