What’s Working Now… EzSitez-Friendly Affiliate Programs

While most of our sites have a downline-builder element to them and are designed to be mostly self-contained, they also generate a fair amount of quality exit traffic. So it’s no real surprise that a lot of our Members are often looking for ideas of other programs they can promote…

To be clear, if a 3rd-party affiliate program is a really good match for one of our programs, we’ll generally try to incorporate it automatically, but here’s a few that are working extremely well right now as stand-alone offers.

The Click Engine (CTE)

This is a traffic tool I’d happily use even without the affiliate program, so a few extra commissions are a great bonus. This is low cost, so it converts really well, and recurring, so the commissions add up over time… and it’s quality traffic, so I’m finding it’s really, really sticky.

ie. People who sign up get great results so they keep it going long term!

One added bonus is, you have the option to view the offers other Members are promoting, so that’s a great way to scout for new offers that you might want to promote.

Customers get instant affiliate approval, so I do recommend you use this as well as promote it. If you do choose to purchase, watch out for the first OTO… a small one-time payment for a permanent extra link in the rotator. Twice the traffic forever…

Check Out The Click Engine Here

Prosperity Marketing System (PMS)

So much to say about this one, but important things first… it’s multi-level, recurring, affordable and extremely sticky.  Everything I love in affiliate programs!

So far it’s converting really well with traffic from AdCardz, EzCryptos and EzBannerz. I’ve also been sending some extra traffic from TCE and Topdogs, and that’s been converting quite well too.

It also has it’s own downline builder built-in, which I’ve set up to promote some of our EzSitez… so it’s creating a nice circular flow… bringing in new people to our network, and offering a handy/generous cashflow option to existing members.

So much so, we’ve just added it to the EzHitzs portfolio and the response there has been very positive. If you aren’t using EzHitzs but you’re looking for a lucrative affiliate option that builds-up fast, be sure to check it out and add some AdCardz to your existing stacks…

Check Out Prosperity Marketing System Here

Rapid Profits Machine (RPM)

This is a fairly new one for me, but I already like everything I see. RPM gives you a free plug-n-play funnel to promote the BuilderAll suite of tools. You can promote BuilderAll as an affiliate for free… if you’re prepared to wait for approval. Or if you take any upgrade you get instant approval.

BuilderAll offers about 40 different professional marketing tools, so people who can get value will likely stick with it long term, generating ongoing commissions for you, over two levels. BuilderAll runs a 14 day trial though, so there is a bit of a lag while you wait to see if your signups will upgrade or not.

RPM provides landing pages, videos, email follow ups etc, so you can send traffic and let it run pretty much on auto. There’s also some detailed traffic training for anyone who wants to get more proactive.

Personally I’ve been promoting this one on some AdBoards and Banner Exchanges. So far the signups have been pretty good and a few of those have upgraded to the cheapest package and one to the full package. So it’s early days, but looking very promising as a long-term, evergreen offer.

Check Out Rapid Profits Machine Here


Honourable Mentions…

Here’s a couple of simple programs that we’ve been using for quite a while now. They are quick and easy to promote, and generate some handy ongoing commissions if you embed them in your promos…

  1. Instant Profits Club

Not a huge earner, but the free signup means it has good engagement, and since I’ve got banners and links all over the place by now, it usually generates a handful of upgrades most months. It’s embedded in a couple of our sites/DLBs, but consider giving it a push through some of your AdCardz stacks!

2. Easy 5 Now

This one has surprised me a bit at how long it’s kept working. It’s also embedded in our EzHitzs site, but while back I set up some external promos, and they keep ticking over nicely as well. This is a pay-to-play program, so when I send the sign-up email, I give some of the programs above a push as well, and get some very good crossover…

To be continued…



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