A Couple of Reminders

Just a couple of items you might have missed:

A little while back, we updated the size of Screenshots for your links, so we could include them in some additional external promotions. Those are working quite well now, but currently over half the links in our system either haven’t made the new screenshots, or they never had the screenshot in the first place. Either scenario is costing you some serious exposure and clicks, so if you’ve skipped this step, please revisit ASAP so we can include your link in those extra rotations.

More recently we updated the Viral Traffic Pages and most Members will need to add a little more information to benefit from the improvements. The new-look pages are already performing a whole lot better in terms of leads and sign-ups, so please login sometime soon to check your own page is 100% set up still. Remember, this is the page we promote for everyone until you get two referrals, so please be sure to take full advantage!

Part of that update included the option for visitors to duplicate your page themselves by claiming a free version. This was a bit slow at first, but we’ve made a couple of tweaks and it’s really starting to pick up now. A few Members have asked if they can test out the process by creating an extra page of their own… and that’s a definite ‘yes’.

Just remember we don’t promote these free/public pages at all, so you’ll need to send some traffic to see any real benefit, but if you’re happy to do that, it becomes another stand-alone traffic source for you, so please go for it! If you do choose test it out, please pass on any feedback or ideas you might have. Thanks!

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