Have To Joined EzBanEx Yet?

Just a reminder that we’ve added EzBanEx to our list of Banner Exchanges that we actively promote for you, on your various traffic pages. This will earn you credits on EzBanEx that you can use to show any banners you want, right across the network. That’s already over 1650 unique domains, so there’s some great hands-free exposure for you… once you set it up.

That is super quick and easy… register, confirm your email address and save your EzBanEx Member ID in EzClix. We’ll do the rest.

You can go back after that to add your banners and have a proper look around, but for now, you should grab your Member ID and save it here so you don’t miss out on any credits or signups!

Until you do that, someone else will be getting both!

You can save the EzBanEx ID… and any others you missed… on your Viral Traffic Page manager in the dashboard.


  • Roy Grogan

    Hi Brad… In your recent email… You say…
    save your EzBanEx Member ID in EzClix. We’ll do the rest. underlined as if was a link… Not So!

    So, is there a separate link to do so?

    Regards, Roy

    • ezadmin

      No link sorry Roy… you’ll need to login to EzClix first and open your Viral Page Manager from your dashboard.

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