Changes To EzBannerz Commission Payouts

We’ve seen a fairly substantial increase in Members upgrading since the recent rebuild/relaunch… which is great! … but it also means there’s been a lot more work at this end, making multiple %10 and $5 commissions payments each time someone upgrades.

Given that the individual payments aren’t large, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down, we’ve modified the affiliate program to use a ledger system. We will now record your earned commissions as they happen, so you can see what’s going on, and then we’ll pay those amounts out in full each month. We’ll aim to do it in the first week of every month.

We’ve just done our first full commission run on that basis, and everyone who had earned commissions over the last month has now been paid. The only exceptions were a couple of people with invalid Wise Email addresses listed. If you wish to be paid via Wise, you must list the exact name and email as shown on your Wise account and you must have a US Dollar account set up.

Upgraded Members can find a link to your personal Commissions Ledger on the Upgrade Page.

Remember, commissions are only paid to upgraded Members… if you aren’t upgraded and one of your downline people upgrades, those commissions are passed up to the next eligible Member.

Since the relaunch, we’re seeing about 10% of new Members are taking the one-time upgrade, so if you’re actively promoting EzBannerz… or any of your downline people are… you might want to take another look over the upgrade option!



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