Free Cryptos from Coinbase

Had a few email-exchanges about Coinbase lately, so I thought it might be worth a quick post for anyone else who’s missed three very useful features…

First up,  you can earn about $30 worth of cryptos, just for watching about 30 minutes of videos.

That’s about $60 an hour for doing very little… you will need to pay enough attention to answer a multiple-choice question after each video… but they’re all quite straight forward.

The cryptos are all low cost, high potential, so it makes a lot of sense to add some to your portfolio, especially since they’re free. The fact Coinbase is giving them away so easily, means there’ll be a lot of broad uptake… which is usually the first step to the price going up…

So grab them and hold on to them, just in case.

You can also earn $10 in cryptos for yourself and anyone you send to Coinbase.

Obviously we promote this through our crypto sites, but don’t forget the personal option… talking to friends and family, posting to social media… you’ll often find a much more receptive audience among people you actually know!

Finally, you can get rewarded for a regular crypto buy.

If you set up a recurring order to buy $50 or more of cryptos, every month, you’ll get a $10 bonus after the 4th and 8th purchase. Not everyone will be in a position to do this, but if you are, that’s a nice $20 bonus.

And right now, with cryptos as low as they are, everything’s on sale!

The risk is all to the upside and everything seems to be coiling, building up pressure ready for a serious breakout… IMHO!…  so I’m viewing this as a great time to be adding to my portfolio. If you share that view, then every $50 you buy now will be worth $100 when prices get back to the previous tops…

And a whole lot more in a year or so!

Something to think about anyway…

Not Using Coinbase Yet? 

If you’re a member of one of our Crypto Builder Sites… please login and sign up through your referrers link.

EzCryptosCrypto Cash Co-opSrSly Simple Cryptos

And if you aren’t using any of those, you can sign up for Coinbase here, though I would recommend you Join EzCryptos so you can promote and earn from multiple Crypto Sties as the same time!

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