Is Anyone Using ReallySmart.Art?

Just a quick query… wondering if any of our EzHitzs Members have tried out yet?

We’ve been doing some testing as a possible addition to the EzHitzs portfolio. The compensation plan is very impressive and the ‘product’ is quite unique, but I’m not sure how many people would actually make use of it?

My initial reaction was that it’s hard enough to get emails delivered and opened as it is, so embedding code and/or images probably won’t make it any easier. However, I have tried the website embed in a couple of places and that is an option I’ll probably keep using.

The cost is also an issue… it is quite expensive at the moment, so not a particularly good fit for EzHitzs, but there has been talk of adding a cheaper or free membership option, so we’ll wait and see if that eventuates before we make a decision either way.

For now though, I’d appreciate and feedback you might have… has anyone here joined up and tried out the email tools?

Any thoughts in general?

Thanks in advance!





  • Nizar Akob

    I almost register for it at $140 that day but then I see their compensation almost look similar to CLUB SHOP which I was member for 2.5 years. While RSA has 6 people working with you to make a commission, CS on the other hand has 6 uplines working to bring people into your recruiting pool besides whoever come into your downlines will work to your commission earning too.

    I see an issue with RSA is that what happen when a member reach the end of the group (can’t remember the name). They would earn around $80 and stopped. They need to start a NEW line without any help from previous 6 uplines. 98% cannot recruit so I see death trap in there.

    The next issue is why I would pay $140 to get a tool to make my email has image when I can just send email and embed the graphic in there as usually I do now ( putting in banner for example)

    My sugesstion is do not include it in EZHitzs until as you said they have free option may be?

  • ezadmin

    Thanks Nizar, it looks like the free tier is on the way, but sounds like there’ll be a forced upgrade once a free member gets 3 pro referrals. Still not really not sure it’s a good fit for us… compensation plan is a bit too complicated, product is a bit too expensive, and I’m not convinced too many would ever use it.

  • Dan Quimby

    Hi Admin,
    With regards to trying out my short answer is no. For my long answer, still no but I must ramble just a little.

    You see, I have a problem to overcome. It’s called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’, I’m in recovery as I write this, and it has affected me along the way as I’ve worked through the EzHitzs system.

    But then, doesn’t everyone of us in the EzHitzs program have a little bit of that syndrome?

    Also, Aren’t we appealing to those out there that have a little bit of that syndrome as well? Just a thought.

    I’ve finished the EzHitzs setup now, all except for the ‘Final Surf’ and I’ve set aside a whole week to complete this task which will begin on Sunday 06-02-24, wish me luck as I am slow, But i digress…

    Back to the (RSA) issue, It’s way to ‘shiny’, what with the colors and all, and as I remember it’s tied in with the ‘shiny’ Second Splash, at least I think.

    The Price for Second Splash is a really hard pill to swallow and RSA is just another drain as it offers way to little for the price in my opinion.

    Leads Leap offers way more value to a marketer, also my opinion. I never really knew what LL was all about until I watched a vid from Jeff Aman, (not my fault, TCE is part of the EzH program and I got side tracked).

    Anyway, the way I see it if you’re going to spend $20-or so per month, you may as well get the best bang for your bucks and I believe that LL beats our RSA, hands down any day.

    I do intend to spend a little on some of the upgrades as I encounter them when working through ‘Final Surf’, if only for a month or so. Also, I must mention I do prefer the affordable ‘one-off’ offers along the way and I also appreciate the option to pay with crypto as it doesn’t bite as hard as a cash out-lay.

    One final observation, I notice that I’ve received a couple of referrals to EzHitzs and elsewhere and I’m not even done yet. I figure that’s pretty good.

    EzHitzs seems to be the only real answer to the whole ‘Click for Credits’ thing. I really can’t see myself doing that for longer than a week. I’d definitely go bonkers, if I’m not there already what with my syndrome.

    Thanks to Brad for putting EzHitzs out there for us.

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