Warrior Plus Affiliate Links

A lot of Members are missing out on free referrals because they haven’t saved their Warrior Plus Affiliate link on EzClix yet.

If you missed this, or you’re not sure, you need to login first, go to the Affiliate Tools page by clicking the link in the top menu, then follow the instructions there to get your link from Warrior Plus and then come back and save it on EzClix.

Once you do that, we’ll insert it randomly on many of our traffic pages that show your various offers. These pages are getting thousands of views every week now, and a portion of those visitors will always decide to check out EzClix… if it’s your link that’s showing when they do, they’ll be your referral.

So you’ll get a small commission every month, for as long as they stay a member!

This is a valuable part of your membership and it’s totally set-and-forget… so no excuses. Make sure you’ve done it before you go any further.


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