Video Tutorials

We’ve started adding a few video tutorials for various tasks on the EzClix site. A few people were missing steps, especially with the link submission process, so we’ve recorded a walk through of the main processes for anyone who’s not sure what’s required.

So far there’s videos for submitting and activating¬† your links, creating screenshots and uploading banners. We’ve got a few more that are recorded but waiting on editing, so hopefully you’ll see those added to the relevant pages as well in the next few days.

After that we’ll do a walk-through for your Viral Traffic page and your Profile pages. These are getting some excellent results but still only a fraction of our members are using them, so hopefully some video demos might help!

They are a bit rough-and-ready… and I already want to re-record a couple of them… but at this stage I think it’s more important to get them published for those who need them.

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