Turning Free Ads Into Cash

This is the big question everyone wants answered… and we are seeing some great results already… but it’s all a bit too random and anecdotal for my liking right now. You might have noticed from your Dashboard that I prefer hard data and numbers that I can track over time…

We actually built a lot of statistics and tracking into the system for you for your own AdBoards, but also for us overall, so as time goes on we should be able to give you some very accurate instructions for maximising the earnings potential of your AdBoards.

The first thing everyone can do to help, is to please keep your Sales Data accurate… by updating the amount paid back to zero for any  ‘paid’ Ads you create for yourself.

i.e. You can create as many Ads on your own AdBoards as you like, and hopefully you’ve worked out you can select any of the Add-ons in the process, and then skip the checkout and just go to your Dashboard and activate the Ad manually?

If you do that, make sure you ALSO set the Amount Paid to 0 (zero), so your ‘Business Stats’ reflect accurate information. Then you’ll be able to see your total Add-On sales and more importantly your Earnings Per Ad.

This is important… once to start to log a few sales, this will tell you how much you can expect to make for per Ad (free or paid) submitted to your AdBoard. Some people have told us they are running around $1-$3 per ad… which is great and tallies with our own earlier tests.. but keep in mind, your figures won’t mean anything until you zero out any of your own Ads that weren’t paid for!

We also track this for the group… but right now it’s showing over $8 per ad which clearly includes too many ‘Owner Ads’ to be much use to anyone.

With that in mind we will be adding the option for you to post Ads directly to your AdBoards from the Members Area… so you can select various options and add images, without having to move between the front and back end of your site.

In the meantime, it will be a big help if EVERYONE can take a moment to zero out ALL of their own unpaid Ads, so we can start to track our progress and make this more profitable for everyone!

Once that’ done, we’ll plan to start ‘split testing’ various aspects of the system to optimize every step of the process… free ads, paid ads, traffic in, clicks out, viewing ads and more. We’ve already set this up in a way we can do all that, but we do need your help first to get these sales stats sorted.

Thanks in advance for your help!

In the meantime, from your end, it’s all about getting that initial traffic in

Again we’re seeing some very good results for some members who have done that initial work… but it does take a bit of effort to get enough people through, to get enough Ads, to get things moving.  Be sure to check the Promo Resources section as we’re adding a lot of good stuff there all the time…

That includes 3 sites we added recently that will deliver a few thousand visitors for you… totally free… totally set and forget…

Just in case you missed it!




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