The Free Traffic Hoax

If you’re here reading this, then there’s a good chance I’ve coaxed you away from some traffic generation busy-work on some traffic exchange or safelist mailer?

You probably had the best of intentions…

do the grunt work
earn some credits
promote your own offer
make some money…

That’s how we’re told the business works, so we stick at it no matter how long it takes or mind-numbing boring it might be.

And when it doesn’t work, we assume we must be promoting a bad offer…

So we go find something different to promote and start all over again.

Never realising that it was all a lie and it was never going to work as promised!

You see Free Traffic Sites are NOT there to generate traffic!

Their main purpose is to build a list for the owner.

As a Membership Site, this is the best kind of list. The owner doesn’t even have to send out their messages… the Members keep coming back on their own!

Every time you login they can show you multiple login offers and special deals…

Not to mention all the advertising they can sell around the site…

Even better for them are the page views YOU generate…

That is the #1 product they’re selling… your attention!

And any time they do come across the next big thing, they can take a couple of minutes and email you about it if they want… or else they just post another login OTO and wait for you to come back to them…

It really is a great little business model for the Owners… which is why so many free traffic site owners have multiple websites

But it has nothing to do with generating traffic for you.

This is not to say you won’t get some traffic, but it is poor quality and low value, and the worst possible use of your time.

So if you’re at all serious about succeeding online, the very first thing you need to do is stop all that pointless busy-work.

Don’t believe me?

Well consider this…

I got you here without surfing single website, reading a single email or clicking a single ad.

The vast majority of my traffic does come from those kinds of sites…

But I choose not to waste a minute of my life playing those free traffic mind-games.

If you stick with me for a few minutes, I’ll show you how I do it, so you NEVER have to waste time like that ever again either. But first I want to share a few insights on how these free traffic sites really work and why the common strategies for using them are all a big hoax…

Free Traffic Myths

Just before we dive in, I do want to be clear…some operators in this space have good intentions and their offerings & strategies might even work. If you find those people, all the better for you.

But you do need to assess every offer on it’s merits and don’t take anything in this space at face value.

Most traffic sites have some sort of referral program built-in, so even the very worst of them will be promoted by marketers who’ll tell you anything at all to get the signup…

Even when they’ve had first hand experience that it doesn’t work.

So yes, when I call these hoaxes and con-jobs, I mean it!

1. That Good Offers Will Convert

This is fundamental… People using free traffic sites are sellers not buyers. They aren’t there to shop. They are only there because they want traffic themselves.

So most of the audience here has zero interest in your offers. Period.

The trap is when you see the same offers over and over for an extended period of time… you assume they must be converting OK for the advertiser to keep doing the work.

The fact is, it might be the same offer but I’ll guarantee you it’s either a paid advertiser or else it’s a steady stream of different people promoting it!

2. That Free Offers Will Work

Promoting Free Offers to Free Traffic is easily the worst ever business model ever created…

For everyone except the website owner.

They get themselves a viral membership website where the members do all the work promoting it, so it’s great for them.

Not so much for the Members though…

If the Member really buys into the sales-pitch, they’ll go hard promoting the website hoping to build a downline and make commissions on upgrades. Usually they’ll plan to upgrade themselves when they start making money….

Unfortunately, that’s how everyone approaches it…

So no one ever upgrades, so no one ever makes and money, so no one ever upgrades…

It’s a fundamentally flawed system.

But as long as new members keep coming in, the website owner is happy, so they keep promoting it!

3. That Traffic and Marketing Offers will Convert.

These usually use the free membership approach, but they’ll tell you they’re different because they’re more targeted to the free traffic audience. The problem is, there are so many of these offers out there, that only the biggest, boldest, most over-the-top offers ever standout.

So it tends to be a race to the bottom, to see who can B.S. the most to get the click

If you want to get the clicks to your offer, you’d better be promising the worldand it better be free.

And even if you’re OK with promoting something that you know can never deliver as promised, you’ve already seen why ‘free’ is a non-starter. So are you really prepared to con people into joining a program you know will never work?

4. That Free Traffic Can Build A List

Traditional List building is a dead-horse these days. Most people are savvy enough to use throw away emails, and unless you really know what you’re doing, the rest just delete and unsubscribe on your first email.

So when you get your leads through free traffic, the numbers get even worse.

You need a huge volume of impressions to get those initial opt-ins… so your time-cost per subscriber is massive… and you can be certain most of those you do get will be gone from your list before you get a chance to show them that you’re worth listening too.

And that assumes you’re worth listening too?

So many people who are selling the list building model will tell you all you need is a list and a heap of affiliate emails. That’s another lie… with everyone flogging the same products, the ONLY way you can stand out is if you can add value to the offer personally.

And that is virtually impossible for someone just starting out… despite all the high priced packages promising to teach you how to become an expert in a weekend

5. That Easy is a Good Thing!

This sector has become so hyped-up, that one of the most common pitches you’ll see these days is that

“My program is the easiest thing ever and I’ll even do all the work for you!”

Yeah right!

When you get people in the door on a promise of easy profits with no work required, they are never going to do the work first… so it’s kind of like the free problem on steriods… and equally doomed to fail.

The bigger problem… and the big con… is the way people make this guarantee on a lot of the paid programs…

“I’ll promote your business until you get your first 6 paying members signed up!”

It looks good on the surface, but all they’re actually doing is adding your signup page to their rotator. So if you never get the signups, it doesn’t matter, they’ve still fulfilled their promise.

People want to believe though, so they’ll keep paying for month after month, waiting for it to work.

The real shysters will take it a step further and send extra traffic until you get your first sign up… just to hook you a bit tighter and keep you subscribed a bit longer…

But then they’ll drop you back to the bigger pool, where you only get a fraction of the traffic… and the signups never happen.

Bottom line, you would never go to your day job and expect to just sit back and watch your boss do your work for you…

You certainly wouldn’t expect to get paid for that?

So when you see these offers, be realistic. Listen out for your inner B.S. alarm. It should be ringing hard!

6. That Credits and other Freebies are a Good Thing!

Most traffic sites give away all kinds of new member bonuses, that can be pretty useful, but most seriously over-do it.  You might have joined some of these yourself,  where the owner gave you so many credits, you’re ‘set for life’…

And to begin with you probably thought it was a great deal.

Email 10,000 people twice a day and never run out of credits. Wow!

Problem is, everyone else got the exact same deal…

So NO ONE is actually reading the emails.

There’s one site owner out there that gives away packages like this on a dozen or more sites… hundreds of thousands of credits , all with generous monthly top ups…

It’s an appealing offer, especially to newbies…

But you can send an email to everyone of those lists… well over 100,000 people… and be lucky to get 20 clicks.

Because no one HAS to read any emails.

Again, this approach all about building a membership. These sites all have massive memberships but most of those members stopped going back years ago!

Again… these websites have absolutely NOTHING to do with getting you traffic!

If you are using ANY Free Safelist Mailers where you don’t have to read emails to send emails, you are wasting your time!

It’s human nature to want to use up the credits… but your best response really is to delete the account so you’re not tempted to waste any more time on it.

As it is, there is a much better way to reach these audiences, that doesn’t require any traffic surfing or email reading, and I’d like to share that with you next…

So What’s The Alternative?

The first step is to stop doing all the mindless busy-work.

Clicking on ads, reading emails, surfing websites…

It is NEVER going to get you the kinds of results the slicked-up sales pages promise.

Besides that… Life is far too short!

Yes, there might be a few prospects there for you, but you need to value your time and make sure you are getting a real return on your investment…

For example, one of my best converting offers can get signups from the traffic exchanges…

At a rate of about 1 in 1000 page views.

So to ‘earn‘ that sign up for free I’d need to surf about 2000 webpages

At 6 seconds per site, that’s a bit over 3 hours of web surfing

3 hours of busy-work to make one free signup.

And I need about 6 of those signups to make an actual sale!

So I’d be looking at 18 hours of ‘work.

Well even at minimum wages, 18 hours of my time would buy a LOT of traffic.

At Udimi for example, it would pay for a Solo Ad to about 1000 quality leads

Which I can tell you would convert much better than any exchange traffic, so I’d expect at least 50 signups for this same offer.

Which would generate at least 8 sales.

So same investment, 8 times better result!

Now this example obviously depends on you having a bit of cash to spend up front. Few people will have the money to spend on this type of advertising when they’re starting out, but that’s OK.

The truth is, I would never start out sending that number of premium emails without testing on free or cheap traffic and building up to it. You shouldn’t either.

And there are plenty of other, cheaper options.

The first step though, is to put a realistic value on your time and then assess all your options in that framework.

Presumably you have a minimum hourly rate you’ll accept for going out to work?

So why would you accept less than that from yourself!?

No matter what you’re promoting, you need to work out exactly what each lead, signup or sale is costing you in real terms…and immediately stop doing anything that isn’t paying more than your own minimum wage!

Instead you should focus on the best-value advertising that you can afford

And then use your profits to work up to the premium options.

Because one thing is for certain, if you start out with trash-traffic, you will NEVER get away from it.

It will suck you in and drag you down. And if you don’t give up entirely, you will still be here clicking away mindlessly this time next year… still no closer to breaking the cycle.

So What’s The Alternative If I’m Broke?

To be really blunt, you need to find some money before you start trying to do anything.

Save a few dollars a week for a month or two…

Sell something on eBay…

Find a Survey or Microtask site and work that for a month or two…

As bad as they are, it’s still better than working for worthless credits.

If you are serious about succeeding online, it will take time, effort and money.

There are no exceptions and all those people who promise you different are lying to you!

So make sure you don’t fall into the trap of thinking you make real money by joining a free program and promoting it with free traffic…  it just doesn’t work that way.

If you are broke… and serious about changing that forever… then the most honest advice I can offer is that you need to take some time to build up a small bank before you dive in.

You can use that time to learn the ropes and set up some traffic systems, such as the one at the bottom of this page…

That takes a bit of time to set up and a bit of time to start to work, but once it does, it will even generate some extra cash for you…

But if you try to avoid the time and effort investment, and instead try to buy yourself instant success on a budget… you’ll just end up throwing away any money you do have set aside!

This space preys on impatient people looking for shortcuts!

If you are prepared to do some work, please do check out the link below. It’s a free package that shows you how to create your own set-and-forget traffic systems, so you can sent traffic to any offer you like, any time you like…

Create A Professional Lifetime Traffic Machine Here!





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