Test Out Our New Prize Wheel

We’ve added an extra bonus to the newsletter link this time around. If you follow the process through to the end, you’ll get to spin the wheel for various prizes. Right now it’s all bonus entries in the monthly draw, but once we’ve tested it a bit, I’ll be adding some much more interesting (and valuable) prizes.

We’ve kept the process fast still… just a couple of minutes our of your day… So I encourage everyone to support the Club and check out a couple of Member offer’s when the newsletter comes out each week. Right now we are still quite new and small, but this will really have a positive impact for everyone as we continue to grow.

If this is well supported, I’m looking at adding the Prize Wheel to the standard login process as well… along with some special prizes… so this is your chance to convince me it’s worth doing!


  • Stijn Desmet

    Mister EzAdmin,

    In my opinion, you (and your team?) are doing amazing things with the creation of the EZ-series: EzAdz, EzHits, EzCryptos, EzSitez and now EzClix, all products have turned out to be very effective to boost my personal marketing campaigns. Yes, some labour is required to make these programs work, but hey, they work! And they are also not too complicated, not too expensive (or even free) and rather easy to learn.
    So, thank you a lot for doing this, as there is no other website or application that made such a difference in my marketing!

    Kind regards, keep up the good work!

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