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We’ve had a couple of people ask about Warrior Plus stats not matching up 100% with EzClix stats, so here’s an explanation…

Anytime a visitor lands on your EzClix page using your EzClix referral link, we cookie them as your referral. And any time one of your referrals is on the front-end of the site, all the links to the signup page will use your saved Warrior Plus Affiliate Link. 

The cookies last for 90 days, so if they come back anytime in the next 90 days, we’ll remember that you referred them and make sure they use your Warrior Plus link to access the signup page.

When a new Member does join, we check for a EzClix cookie, and if it shows you as the referrer, your account will show an extra referral. That’s the part we can control… Warrior Plus handles it’s end a little differently.

First up, they don’t allow for multiple landing pages. Your Warrior Plus Affiliate link can only send visitors to the main sales page. That’s why we use our own tracking… so you can use our various optin and splash pages, if you want.

But this also means, it’s possible that someone you refer to the EzClix site might end up clicking someone else’s affiliate link from a different website or ad. In that case, they’ll be flagged as your referral on EzClix, but Warrior Plus is going to credit the other affiliate.

Unfortunately that is out of our control, but it shouldn’t happen too often. If it’s going to be a problem for you though, the easy solution is for you to ONLY use your Warrior Plus link to send traffic. i.e. don’t use out splash or optin pages and just use your full Warrior Plus affiliate link in all your promo efforts.

That will ensure all your visitors are properly tracked through WP, and you’ll be credited for all signups!

The other catch is, we can’t do anything on our end until you save your Warrior Plus Affiliate Link on EzClix… and right now almost 1/3 of our Member’s haven’t completed this basic step.

Once you do complete this step, we randomly use Member Referral links on some of our traffic pages, meaning we could be sending extra referrals your way, totally hands-free… but only after you do your part!

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