Program Changes

There are a couple of our portfolio programs that we’ll be replacing shortly… one is not tracking referrals at all accurately and the other is consistently rejecting our links without explanation. We’ve reached out to the Admins of both sites but one didn’t respond at all and the other couldn’t provide a satisfactory explanation, so we’ll cut our loses and move on.

Right now we’re testing a couple of replacement options for both programs, so we’ll make a decision and swap them out shortly. I appreciate your patience while we do this. We prefer to take our time with this, so hopefully we don’t have to do it again, any time soon.

That said, this is an inevitable part of the process. We’re working with multiple programs with are owned and operated by other people… so there’s a lot here that will always be outside our control.

We’ll do our best to research and test any program we add, but there will always be some that stop working, owners that start taking shortcuts, and some that decide for whatever reason that they don’t want our group using their site.

We won’t ever be able to prevent those things from happening, so instead we’ll try to minimise the chances before we list any program, and make the transition as simple as possible when we do have to make changes.

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