PayPal Issues

We’ve had a couple of people report problems with PayPal this week, basically they’re¬† saying AdCardz transactions are somehow in breach of their Acceptable Use Policy.

They are notoriously suspicious of anything MLM or affiliate marketing, but these transactions don’t go close to either, so we’ve got an email in with their compliance people to try and straighten it out.

Until we do, if you get any sort of notification, probably best to tread carefully for now.

You can point out that the transactions are direct payments to you for a specific product, independent of AdCardz, and there is no MLM or affiliate marketing aspect to it.

You can ask them to review your AdBoard if you think it might help.

Though if you have a whole lot of Make Money Online ads on your board, maybe skip that, as they’ll assume everything is some sort of ponzi scheme or matrix program… which they definitely¬† don’t want to be even remotely associated with.

Either way, we will be reviewing and updating all the payment options shortly. I’ve spotted a few new payment options lately, so I’ll have a look and see if we can add some more for you.

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