Pay It Forward Feature

Most people won’t be ready for this just yet, but once you’re up and running, you now have the option to share some or all of your new referrals with your existing downline Members. The idea is to motivate those existing Members you’ve already brought in to get properly set up, consider some upgrades and get more active themselves.

This is totally optional and 100% opt-in… if you’re not interested, do nothing and nothing will change.

All your new referrals will be flagged as your referral and when they sign up for the various programs, they’ll join under you. When they purchase upgrades or add-ons, you’ll get the commissions.


Once you’ve got a good number of personal referrals you might find it more effective to start placing a few people below them for the reasons outlined above.

Your downlines will all grow deeper faster, your people will be more motivated to get set up and get active…

And if some of those people decide to repeat the PIF process themselves, everything will move along even faster.

You will basically be giving up the potential for some modest short-term payments, to create a deeper, larger and more active network that should be infinitely more profitable in the long term.

It’s entirely up to you though, so look over the info on the Members Dashboard and give it a test run if you’re keen.

You’ll find a link in the Administration section to a more detailed page with an explanation, instructions and statistics.

One Final Request…

This did require a fairly major modification to the signup process. We’ve tested it all as extensively as we can, but there may be some configurations we’ve missed until people start enabling this feature and sharing their own referrals.

We’ll be watching closely and we’ve added some extra notification emails to the process to help us monitor what’s happening, but please keep an eye on this yourself as well.

If you encounter anything that doesn’t seem quite right, please let us know and we’ll get it sorted ASAP. Thanks!



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