OK, time for some traffic!

Thanks everyone who came on board early. We’ve had lots of great feedback, surprisingly few bugs, and now we’re ready to power on the traffic!

We’ve got a number of Traffic Pages ready to go, so we’ll start activating those in some of our best traffic sites to get things rolling. We’ve got quite pages a few we submitted earlier that just need to be re-activated, then a whole lot more we’ll be adding after that.

So you should start to see a few hits  on your links straight away. Don’t panic if it doesn’t seem like a lot… we’ll be going slow and steady at first to make sure there’s no bugs (that could get out pages or even our site blocked), plus we want to make extra sure our site is ready for the traffic.

So while you wait… promote! 

Just two referrals and your EzClix membership is fully funded. This is brand new so right now you have the opportunity to be the first person to tell your people about it!

We’ve added some extra splash pages over the last couple of days and we’ve got some opt-in versions on the way. If you use those, we’ll send a short email series to anyone who opts in for more info, finishing up with a $1 trial if they are still there at the end.

Anyway, thanks again for your support. There will be a lot going on as we connect all the remaining pieces, so stay tuned for updates to make sure you get maximum value!

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