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First off, a big thank you to everyone who’s come on board to help us get this up and running. We’re just a few weeks in and already have 130+ members who have placed out Banner Exchange codes on over 270 websites!

That is even better than I’d hoped, and really promising for everyone going forward… now I’m thinking we may be able to get our banners onto 1000+ websites next month and several thousand by the end of the year. That will be massive exposure for everyone involved, so please keep the momentum happening… keep sharing your Referral Link and keep adding Banner Exchange codes everywhere you can!

For now though, here’s a few updates on what we’ve been doing and how things are progressing…

Your Bonus Pages

The first two of these are now ready and fully functional. You have a profile style Personal Surf Page and a downline-builder style Team Builder Page. Both are built to load fast so they’re suitable for splash pages, traffic exchanges and most rotators. Both have a lot of goodies embedded to ensure you get maximum value for every click. They’re designed to generate EzBanex credits, EzBanEx sign-ups, credits on some other banner exchanges, and a whole lot more.

We’ve already started sending extra traffic to RANDOM COMPLETED PAGES… so I recommend you check this out and get them both set up next time you login. Be sure to check out the Strategy Guide for the Team Builder page… a little extra effort there will get you a lifetime of value!

The Instruction Pages

These are linked to from your Bonus Pages and will be a work in progress for a while as we fine-tune the process. If you get stuck anywhere at all and feel a bit more info would be helpful, please let us know and we’ll add extra information. The Instruction Page can also be accessed from the Support Page link in the top menu.

Your Banner Manager

We’ve now added some stats to this page and we’ve got the Distribute Credits Evenly function working properly now. You can click that any time you add new banners and it will redistribute all your credits, both assigned and available, evenly across all your banners.

Login Page Banner – 600px x 300px

We had a couple of requests for this format so we’ve added it…  but it’s not working yet! Please don’t add the codes anywhere until we get it sorted… there’s a note of the bottom of the Banner Exchange codes page. We’ll update that once it’s ready.

Still In Progress / Coming Soon…

I’m keep to get the stats updated to show an accurate count of unique domains showing each banner size. I thought it was done after we added codes to all the EzSitez’ sitez, but there’s a bug in there somewhere I’ll have to track down.

We’ll be adding a Digest Newsletter for ExBanEx shortly, similar to those we use on our other sites. If you are already subscribed to the All News Updates option, you’ll get that automatically, otherwise you’ll see the opt-in form on the Members Dashboard once it’s ready to go. Until then you’ll see any new updates listed there… like this one was … and you can click through to read anything of interest.

Finally, I just realised I didn’t get back to the Referral Stats yet, so I’ll try to get to that over the weekend!

And then the only thing left to do is to is make the home page a bit more interesting and appealing! Right now it’s working just fine since it’s mostly ‘warmed up’ traffic, but we’ll get that sorted over the weekend as well. The draft is done but there’s a whole lot of tweaking required still.

OK, that’s about where we’re up to. Thanks again for all your help and feedback… please keep both coming!

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