New Payment Options inc PayPal

We now have seven payments options you can activate, including a direct payment option using PayPal for those with accounts. We’ve give the whole payment processing component a major over-haul that should make it a whole lot easier for your customers to pay for their add-ons.

Included in this update were…

  • Updated CoinPayments instructions to favour low-fee cryptos such as Litecoin, Tron and Doge.
  • Added Skrill for direct payments to your email address.
  • Changed PayPal from a PayNow Button to a direct, person to person payment to your PP email address. There is no connection to AdCardz… or any of the ad content that PP might have previously had an issue with.
  • Updated instructions for Uphold. See set up notes for an explanation of why EVERYONE should offer this payment option!
  • Updated Oru instructions as well to reflect the name change to Gizmoh.
  • Added direct crypto options for Litecoin and Tron… so you customers can send funds directly to your respective wallets… no processor or exchange required.
  • Added a Payment Sent button to each option, so the customer can alert you to the fact a payment is on the way.
  • Set Upgraded Ads to activate as soon as the customer clicks the email confirmation link… pending successful payment. See below…

This last one means you DO NOT have to activate any ads manually after a payment is received. So there is no pressure on you to constantly watch for payments and rush to activate the ads.

It will also resolve the problem if impatient advertisers demanding to know why their ad hasn’t been activated 5 minutes after they make a payment!

Instead we will send your customer to the Checkout pages first and ask them to pay, telling them their upgraded ad will be activated after that’s done.

The last step is then for them to click a confirmation link in our verification email… that is the trigger that activates their ad… though we won’t tell them that. 😉

So the catch is, you need to keep an eye on upgraded ads and check that the payment is completed.

If it is, you don’t need to do a thing.

If it isn’t you can deactivate the ad on your dashboard, and then follow up with the customer to see if they were actually interested in purchasing the upgrade and whether you can assist with alternate payment options.

A lot of the abandoned orders recently have been due to high crypto fees via CoinPayments, so hopefully these updates will help reduce those. (Do make sure you have Litecoin Tron and Doge enabled in CoinPayments!)

If any of your customers give any other reasons for abandoning the process, PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW!

Setting Up Your Preferred Payment Options

This is all done on the Payment Processors page… under Your Account in the Members Dashboard.

We’ve given that an update as well, so hopefully it is all self-explanatory. Any questions, please do let me know.

There is a bit of a rant about PayPal included… if you don’t use PayPal youself you can ignore, If you do, you might want to read it to see why I think you ought to be making plans for business without PayPal.

Finally, you can preview the new-look checkout page below.

Preview The Checkout Page Here

This is a demo using one of my AdBoards, so I’ve disabled the ‘Payment Sent’ buttons… they do work on your checkout pages, but I didn’t want a whole lot of test notifications!

Please do check it all out, update your own payment processors as required, and hopefully stand by for a whole lot more orders.

We are seeing some excellent volume on new ads since we launched EzHitzs, and that’s been flowing on into upgrades… hopefully these updates should improve those conversion rates even further.






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