New EzSite: EzClix Instant Buyer Traffic

Somehow a few people have managed to find this on their own, so a quick intro is in order…

We’ll soon be launching a new instant traffic solution that will deliver daily visitors to any URL you like with no clicking or surfing required. It’s a platform that combines paid traffic with some of our most effective viral strategies, to create a growing, ongoing volume of traffic, we’ll share between our Members.

This will be ideal for promoting any of the EzSitez websites, or any other offers you might have.

It will also be worth promoting yourself, as it will pay a generous 50% commission, recurring, on all new members you send.

We’ll be embedding it in EzHits and EzCryptos shortly as a traffic and cashflow tool, so if you are using either of those programs, please wait for the update from those sites, so we can maintain downline integrity for everyone.

i.e. If you want your referrals to join EzClix under you, make sure you do the right thing and wait to join under your referrer!

We’re currently waiting on approvals from our payment processor, so as soon as that comes through we’ll update EzHitzs and EzCryptos and start the usual dripfeed emails.

We’ll be looking for a few testimonials for the public launch, so there’s a significant discount available until after the emails have gone out and our existing members have had a chance to get onboard!

That’s it for now… just watch out for the email that the doors are open in the next couple of days!

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