More Paid Promos… For Your AdBoards!

We’ve just set up a new paid traffic campaign for 15,000 visitors over the next 30 days. The landing page will randomly promote 5 AdBoards to each new visitor.

So with our 40-odd Members and just 80 AdBoards, that should be a lot of good hands-free traffic for everyone.

It is a new traffic source so this is a test run, but if it gets some half decent results, the option is there to keep it running permanently.

The only catch is, we prefer to help those who are prepared to help themselves!

So there are 3 conditions to this offer!

1. Your AdBoards must be Fully Set Up.  This means Step #3 will showing as complete on the AdBoard Set Up Wizard.

2. You must have at least 10 Visitor Ads posted. We don’t want to send visitors to an empty AdBoard, so you need to do some work to get things started if you want your AdBoard to be included in the rotation.

3. You must have generated at least 500 Page Views! Basically if you’re prepared to do some work promoting your own business, then we’re happy to help out and leverage your efforts even more.

But it is your business so you need to show us you’re serious first!

So take a moment now to check your own AdBoards, make sure the Set Up is complete and then if you haven’t already done so, use the Promo Tools page to claim your Same-Day visitors and get those first visitors through your site and at least 10 visitor-Ads posted!



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