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I’ve updated the instructions for the Login Ads slightly. There was a missing link and seeing some of the submissions it’s clear a few people are struggling with these.

Please check the notes and video for starters. There’ a few extra tips down the bottom of the page as well. Two important points worth repeating here…

1. You can’t break this so experiment all you like until your preview ad looks great.

2. The editor is almost identical to the WordPress Classic Editor, so any tutorial or video you find on using that will apply reasonably well to our editor.

So… if you’re stuck just do a search for ‘how to xxxxx in the wordpress classic editor’ and you’ll get dozens (hundreds?) of helpful videos, tutorials and articles.

There’s no limit to the ways you can customise your ad, so there’s no value in me trying to explain every possible combo… please just work out what you want to do, how you want your ad to look etc, then either experiment til you work it out, or go looking for a tutorial that shows you how to achieve it!

And if anyone finds a particularly good ‘total’ tutorial for using all the different tools in the editor, please forward a link and I’ll add it to our page. Thanks in advance!

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