Login Ad List

We’ve added an extra page to the Member’s Area showing a random selection of Login Ads. These are an upgraded Member feature and they’re getting some excellent click-throughs… when they’re done right.

Unfortunately a lot are done particularly well, so hopefully this listing will give ad-owners the opportunity to see how their own ads stack up. It will also be a useful option if you’re new to this and want to check out how other Members are using them before you set up your own.

If you are doing that… here or on ANY other traffic site… remember these are shown to people who are in the middle of logging in to another site, usually with a plan of action that won’t include stopping to look at your offer.

If you want them to click you need to get their attention and promise to show them something that makes the interruption worth their while. So think Big, Bold and Above The Fold… and incredibly high value!

If you aren’t upgraded, you might still find this a valuable feature, any time you’re looking for ideas and inspiration. There are loads of very interesting offers here that could be a useful addition to your existing business!

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