How To Build An Email List From Scratch – List Building Secrets

How To Build An Email List From Scratch – List Building Secrets

In the Email List Buiding, Training Video Sonny Tee teaches you how to start your list building from scratch I also go over the best email list software and landing page builder so you can collect email addresses from the internet

Don’t get so caught up in email marketing apps because in order to build your email list from scratch you don’t even need a website…

I don’t suggest you try and build your email list for free because you want a quality email list …

Building your email list in youtube or building your list in social media is all the same really …

you need a lead magnet and you exchange that for emails to put on your email list

I also include an email list building strategy that will help you build your email list fast!

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Sonny ‘#Everyday.’ Tee

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