Group Promos… please don’t click them!

We’ve started running a few promos for the site as a group, sending traffic to our Showcase page, which shows a random selection of your AdBoards, and also directly to random Adboards. We’ll also be sending traffic to a page of our ‘Spotlight Ads’… once enough people submit their ads!

If you see any of these promos… ie safelist emails, solos, banners, login ads etc… please DO NOT click on them!

We have a fixed budget for these promos, and everytime a Member clicks on one, it is one less new visitor who will be seeing your AdBoards and your AdCards.

We’re just getting started on this to try and help you all out, but our initial tracking showed nearly 20% of the clicks we got were existing Members… which is just a waste all round.

So moving forward… please just be aware that we are advertising the AdCardz site, all your AdBoards and even specific AdCards on your  behalf, so you should expect to see some of these promos around the web, and you don’t need to click them to check… Yep, they’re our Ads and yep, they could lead to your pages…

As long as the Members don’t use up all the credits we’ve allocated!

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