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We’ve just added some additional daily traffic information to your Dashboard. You’ll find a link to Traffic Statistics in the Members Links section part way down the page. When you open the page you’ll see a chart of the traffic arriving over the last 30 days, and another showing the last 12 months.

This is new, so there isn’t a lot to see just yet! A couple of people have found it though and asked a few questions though, so in a nutshell…

This is tracking the total number of visitors arriving on our various Traffic Pages. We use about 20 of these to show different combinations of your content… links, previews and banners… formatted to suit the respective traffic sources we use.

We also send a small portion of traffic from every source to our own pages… splash, opt-in and home… so we can monitor ongoing performance… clicks, opt-ins and sales.

This information lets us send different traffic to the most suitable pages for that source, to optimize your results!

We do have a lot of this kind of tracking built-into our Admin section, but this feature is new in the Member’s section. So as mentioned, there isn’t a lot of data there just yet. December will be our first full month of tracking, so you should start to get a feel for our numbers over the next few weeks.

Keep in mind, our tracking also lets us quickly see if a traffic source has stopped converting, so we can drop it and try something else. This does happen quite a bit, so you should expect to see some fluctuations in the numbers.

Overtime though, we are constantly adding new sources and growing our own internal systems, so the long-term trend will be up!




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