EzClix New Monthly Contest Now Live!

The first contest in the new format is now live and the documentation in the Members Area is fully updated to reflect the new format. Super-short version is, points are earned by viewing Login Ads, the Newsletter Prize Link and various additional ads inside the Members Area. We’ll then award three prizes each month based on the following…

  • 1st Place. The top point scorer.
  • 2nd Place. A random member drawn from the next top 25 point scorers.
  • 3rd Place. A random member drawn from everyone else who’s met the minimum points requirement for the month.

The prize is to have your personal ink added to our Premium Traffic Rotator for the next 30 days, where you should get 100+ top tier clicks, all cookied as your referral and hopefully 25-30 of those added to our auto-responder. Then if any of those people end up joining EzClix, you’ll then get the Warrior Plus commissions for as long as they stay involved.

The immediate benefits for everyone will be more internal views and clicks for all Members from other Members earning points. During our testing over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a big up-tick in Member activity, but that’s just the start…

Our Premium Traffic Rotator is feeding top-tier leads (top dollar paid traffic!) into a multi-step funnel that has been optimized to generate extra views for your offers as well as sign-ups for EzClix. This is a compounding process as we add more and more leads every month, so over time this is going to just keep getting bigger and delivering ever-more traffic to your offers.

There is of course a full explanation in the Members Area, plus a Live Leaderboard and direct links to earn a few extra points. Check it out under the Contest link in the top menu, or Contest Leaderboard in the Member Links section of your dashboard. As always, and bug reports or feedback/suggestions, much appreciated!

Thanks to everyone who did assist with the initial testing, and also for all the great feedback and suggestions already submitted!

A couple of final pointers:

Please make sure you have your WarriorPlus referral link saved in EzClix before you win! We’ve automated most of this process so the traffic will start automatically… if you don’t have a WarriorPlus link saved, you’ll simply miss out. Please check this NOW!

Please don’t feel you have to spend too long on this! Logging in once a week (and viewing a few ads in the process) and checking the Newsletter Prize link once a month should get you into the draw for 3rd place. We don’t want this to become a daily grind for everyone so we’ve put limits on how many ads/pages you can view each day… a small consistent effort will work best!

This is new so things might change. We’ll be monitoring everything carefully and we’ll probably end up tweaking the format over time to ensure we get the best outcome for participating Members and that we keep it sustainable for us. We’ll also look to update the traffic and conversion stats of the winners over time, so you can assess for yourself how much time you want to spend on this!





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