ETG Christmas Giveaway

Elite Tigers Group has just started another month-long giveaway. If you haven’t seen this before, this will give you a new promo code every day that you can redeem at all 25 ETG traffic sites. There’s usually a lot of great codes in the mix if you can be disciplined enough to login every 3 days to grab them.

The catch is, each day’s code only remains available for 3 days… so if you forget to grab it, you miss out!

If you have an account you probably know all this, so just set a reminder and grab/redeem the codes every few days.

If you haven’t tried this network before, you can use our One-Click Import to add the full set of 25 sites to your Traffic Engine, create and confirm your accounts there, and then start claiming the promo codes immediately.

There is a bit of work to do this for the entire month, but the advertising you get will probably last you for a year or more, so it’s well worth it!

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