Crypto Traffic Sites

We’ve just added a set of Crypto Traffic sites to the Traffic Engine following a few requests from EzCryptos Members. This includes the 7 sites listed in EzCryptos, plus a number of others I’ve been using with some success.

Most of these give you a small allocation of banner and text ad credits, though some also include full page ad views too, which are much better value. You won’t generally get a lot of credits on most of these, until you purchase an upgrade or ad pack, so probably not a lot of value for non-EzCryptos members.

If you do that though… which EzCrypto members will automatically… then this can really start to build up fast as you cycle through the first few levels on each. And that will give you a load of very useful advertising to a responsive market with a proven interest in all things crypto.

We’ve added these as a one-click import set, so be sure to check it out next time you login.

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