Checklist Reminder

We’ve had some great feedback on the new Account Checklist, but unfortunately most people are yet to activate it. I don’t want to nag everyone about this… but I’m going to!

Most people here are only getting a fraction of the value from their AdCardz account that they could be. Many people still have AdBoards they could set up, and many of the existing AdBoards are only partially set up.

The new Account Checklist will let you see what you’ve missed in an instant. Login, click on Launch Account Checklist and then Refresh Progress.

You’ll see at a glance what you’ve done, anything you might have missed, new options that have been added to your account… and you’ll know exactly what you can do next to get even better value from your membership!

Please check this out today, and help us help you generate more traffic, leads and sales!


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