Check Your EzCryptos IDs Please

I’ve just deleted dozens of invalid EzCrypto IDs… people had usernames, full URLs and even a couple of email addresses saved in there and NONE of those are going to work.

Instead, your referrals CANNOT sign up… Some don’t bother, others just go to the homepage and signup NOT under you.

Please check your details and make sure you have the correct ID Number saved. If you have invalid info in there it’s been replaced by the default ID of 1000. You will not get credited with any referrals until you put your own 4-digit EzCryptos ID Number in there.

And if you go this one wrong, I’d strongly recommend you check all of the others as well, because there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find some other mistakes.

Click the blue Instructions button for each site and that will tell you whether you need a User ID Number or a UserName.


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