Calling all Social Media Users…

For those in a hurry… if you have a minute, we’d really appreciate some Likes, Shares, Subscribes etc on ANY of our social media accounts, as shown on our new blog site. In particular, we need some Connections on LinkedIn before we can set up a business page for EzSitez.

Please be aware, this blog is purely for traffic generation. Most of the content is now AI created and posted to the various social sites automatically. So you probably won’t want to stay connected forever, but if you can give it a month or two, it will be a huge help!

Check Out The New EzSitez Blog


OK, here’s the longer version for anyone interested in what we’ve been up to…

Over the years we’ve set up a LOT of social media account, though to be honest, these platforms have never been a priority for communicating with our Members. For us it’s more about exposure and traffic, so we mostly use these accounts to post/repost a lot of our blog and video content, and not much else.

For a long time we would post content linking back to our various websites, and that was enough to generate some good additional traffic. We’ve been using various automation tools for this for quite a few years, so the content was fairly generic but still effective.

Things change though, and the direct linking is no longer considered good practice, so we’ve recently been busy setting up some new accounts on a number of these platforms. This will be better for us all in the long-term, but right now it means we’re back at square one on a number of sites… very few followers, likes, connections, subscribers etc…  

We’ll come back to that in a minute…

We’ve also taken this opportunity to move our content posting onto a new WordPress blog and rebuild our whole publishing & sharing system. We’ve incorporated a number of new and incredible AI tools, plus a set of tried and true applications we’ve been using for years.

This new blog will be autoposting new content daily and reposting it to all our social accounts, much like we’ve been doing for years, except now it will be linking back to the blog. From there we’ll be redirecting the visitors to our various sites, mostly via Member’s referral links, based on the content that originally caught their attention.

This new site is still on the same domain as our News & Support hub, but it’s a standalone blog, so we’ll be able to do a bit more with it, without flooding our Members with new content every day.

So as mentioned, the big ask right now is for some interaction from our Members… Shares, Likes, Subscribes, Follows, Comments etc. anything at all will help get these new accounts established… which will increase our reach and generate more traffic through all our sites, which benefits all our Members.

So if you have a minute or two, please check out the link below…

Check Out The New EzSitez Blog


Look for the social buttons in the right-hand margin and connect with us on any of those sites that you use. Once you connect you’ll likely see a few of our new posts in your feed… a like or share of one of those will be a big help also if there’s anything you think is appropriate for your connections!

On that note, please be aware, a lot of this content is AI generated and won’t be particularly high quality… HOWEVER… we are also sharing a fair amount of video content that is very good quality. If you’re going to share our posts, the Videos might be the better option!

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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