Built-in List Builder For AdCardz

We’ve just finished setting up a List Builder module for your AdBoards. If you’d like to start building a mailing list of your Advertisers automatically, please take a moment to look it over… you’ll find a link in the side menu under Business Manager, plus we’ve connected it directly from the Account Checklist page.

How It Works:

This is an opt-in process, meaning we will NOT add anyone to your list automatically. Your advertisers have not given us permission to do that, so this process is dependent on them choosing to join your list…

Which means you’ll need to give them a reason to do so! We offer some ideas and strategies on the List Builder page, but it will be up to you to plan and publish an offer of your own that will convert your Advertisers into Subscribers.

So the List Builder page will prompt you to create an offer… ie. a headline, ad copy, an image and suitable call-to-action… and to embed a form from your preferred mailing list provider. We have a few different options for connecting your opt-in form, so there should be at least one that works for you.

If you don’t have a list, we link to a free option that is super easy to set up and use, along with step-by-step instructions. If this is your first foray into list-building we recommend you start there. You can always import your list into a more complex service later on, if you feel the need for additional features.

When your offer is ready with engaging ad copy and an attention grabbing image, and the opt-in form has been fully tested, you’ll be shown a button to Activate This Feature. Clicking that will immediately make the Opt-in Box visible on your Thank You pages, so it’s important that you opt-in yourself from our preview, to make sure it is working properly!.

Launching This Feature

As always, this is quite new so we’re looking for a few people to test the process and make sure it all works as expected. We’ve done quite a few tests of our own, but we do sometimes find bugs when others start to use it. If that’s likely to be an issue for you, please just wait a week or so.

We’ve started adding the required code to your Thank You pages and should have that completed today. You can submit an AdCard to one of your AdBoards to see how that will look to your visitors.

You should also check and assess the redirection page associated with your form? Where we control the form, we’ve set it to open in a new window, so your Thank You page remains open and the visitor can go back and continue there. If you use the IFrame or HTML embed options, you should edit your thank you page to remind the visitor to go back and finish activating their AdCard.

Please Be Warned… there is a bit of reading on this one! 

There is a fair bit going on, so we do ask that you read the main information page in full before you start. That will help you understand the process and plan your own offer. After that, you can just read the relevant instructions for the Form Embed option you wish to use.

Also remember that we cannot offer unlimited support for different Mailing List service providers. We can try to offer general directions, but for specific support you will need to reach out to their support people and ask for assistance there. Again, if you’re new to this or having trouble, the first embed option using your List ID will be the easiest by far!

As always, any and all feedback will be much appreciated!

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