Bits and Pieces

Apologies for the lack of updates but we had some issues with our old web host and we’ve been busy behind the scenes moving a number of our websites to a new server. That work is complete now and we’re back and busy preparing a few updates and add-ons.

Among other things, I’ve posted a couple of updates to our Buy Now list… Since we first posted that, a number of the coins have had amazing runs. Chainlink in particular went as high as $21 since we recommended it at less than $5!

I hope a few people chose to grab a piece of that action?

Most of the others made healthy gains after the Bitcoin Halving as expected… two or three times gains in most case… so if you got in on that, you should be sitting on some useful returns.

Personally I’ve locked in breakeven stop orders on all of them now, and I’m sitting tight on all of those. They’re all in a bit of a pullback, well above my stops, so they’re virtually perfect trades… zero risk from here and unlimited upside potential.

If you missed getting in on any of these, it’s a good time to revisit the list and consider some small purchases if you like the looks of any. All cryptos are in a bit of a pullback right now, and most seem to be consolidating above strong support, so I’m using this opportunity to add some new coins to my portfolio. I will add some of those to the Buy Now list shortly.

Obviously there is a lot of risk in cryptos, and there is a very real chance some will dip further before resuming their upward trajectory, so make sure you have wide stops and that you manage your lot size to allow for some further drawdown.

As always, do your own risk-reward analysis, and only invest money can can afford to lose. This is not intend as investment advice… it’s just me sharing what I’ve been doing!

Beyond that, we’ll be doing a complete review of the various crypto programs shortly as well, and making a few updates…most seem to be doing pretty well, but there’s a couple we might look to replace if we can find a better option. Please stay tuned for that!

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