Alternate Payment Processors Are Live

OK we’ve finally got some alternate payment options in place. We’ve added Oru, Uphold and also Solid Trust Pay on a provisional basis.

We’ve added a new Payment Options page to let you manage your choice of Payment Processors, along with some fairly detailed instructions for setting up each one. Please check those out carefully and add any that you want to your account.

Oru and Uphold will require you to login and ‘confirm’ the payment as soon as it’s received. You can do this with one click, but you do have to be ‘in contact’ and ready to act in a timely manner.

Solid Trust Pay will hopefully be our alternative to PayPal, but I would like a few people to test it first to make sure everything is working properly, and that we don’t have any issues with the STP people.

I’ve had some very mixed messages from their support people… some saying our set up is fine, others saying maybe not… so I think the best option is to simple try it out and see!

So if anyone has an existing STP account and is happy to test it, please check the info on the Payments page. There’s a couple of extra steps for this one, but hopefully I’ve explained it for you.

Once you’re set up, please let me know the details and we can take it from there!

Changes To Your Dashboard:

To accommodate these updates, we’ve added a New Payments button to the Dashbaord, so you can see at a glance if you have new orders that might need attention.

That will take you to a Payments Admin page, with options to Confirm, Reject or Hide any paid ads.

Plus you’ll find a link to the Payment Options page in the side menu, under ‘Your Account’, where you can set you payment processors.

There’s a fair bit of info on both those pages, so please look it over and follow the instructions to set up those options you wish to use.

One suggestion when adding payment processors, is to open your AdBoard and create an paid Ad so you get to the checkout… and can see how it all looks. Personally, I’d use PayPal or STP, not both. We don’t have ‘buttons’  for Oru or Uphold, but if anyone spots any that look good, please send a link!

Still To Do…

We’re also setting up a short email follow-up series for your Advertisers who have selected Add-Ons but not completed a payment.

Still a bit of work to do on this, but I hope to get it up over the next week… so hopefully we’ll be able to get you a few more completed payments!

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