AdCardz Is On The Move

We’ll be moving AdCardz across to the new server tomorrow… Tues July 25th… so the Member’s Area will be unavailable for a few hours in the morning. This is the last of our website migrations, but it’s also going to be the most complicated, so it might take a little bit longer.

As with our other moves, we’re doing our best to ensure minimal downtime for AdBoard owners, and it should be fairly seamless for other website users. We will be implementing a few changes to the site structure during the move, so keep an eye out for an update when we’re done.

We’ve also been working on a fairly major update to the Members Area itself, and we’ve got a new dashboard almost ready to go, along with a couple of new tools, improved documentation, and (hopefully) some better tracking and stats to let you see what’s working and what needs attention.

So lots coming… keep an eye out for the update!

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