AdCards Move & Updates

The website has now been moved and activated on the new server, so you will be shown to the new site as soon as the nameservers update around the network. Usually that’s an hour or two but it can take a bit longer in some places, so please be patient.

When you next login, you’ll be shown to a new-look Member’s Dashboard.

We’ve taken advantage of the move to update that for you, and to (finally) get started on some major updates to the AdCardz website. We’ll now be working through the various features and tools in your Member’s Area, to make it all easier to use and offer some additional tools to help you  you to grow your AdBoards business.

You will find a few links in the footer area that aren’t connected just yet. Most of them are largely completed, but we needed to complete the move before we could finish them, off, so they should be sorted in the next few days. We’ve also reviewed every page inside your Member’s area and put together a substantial to-do list that we’re getting stuck into now.

So short version is, there’s big improvements on the way, and we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to login and review your AdBoards and all the relevant stats. We did notice that a lot of people are only using part of their AdBoard allocation, so you might want to start with that!

That’s it for now. As always, we appreciate all feedback and any bug reports. We’ve tested fairly extensively but there always seems to be one or two bugs that slip through, so if anything doesn’t work as you’d expect, please do let us know and we’ll get right onto it!

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