2 Million Ads In Under 2 Months!

This site is really starting to pick up some momentum now, hitting the 2 Million Ad Views in just over 6 weeks. When you consider that the first month was just a small group of people testing the system, you can see this is going to generate a lot of exposure for your Advertisers.

The click through rate has slipped the last couple of weeks, which was expected, as a lot of the early testers would have been doing a bit more back-and-forth checking ads and layouts etc. It’s still quite respectable but we’ll be looking at ways to generate a few more clicks for your Advertisers as we move forward… if you have any ideas or thoughts even, please do let us know.

One easy way you can get some extra exposure for some of your ads is to flag one from each of your AdBoards for the Member Spotlight Ads… just open up your AdCard List (Manage Ads), select an AdCard and then look for the button in the top right corner…

This will add that AdCard to the rotation to be shown randomly every time the Member’s Dashboard is loaded!

Right now there is ony one Ad there that I set as a test…

So when you consider that the audience here is other Members who you know are looking for traffic, biz-ops and  ways to monetize their own AdBoards, there’s a load of high quality going begging!

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