Warrior Plus / Stripe Payment Issues

We’ve made some progress on this issue now, on a couple of fronts…

Firstly, we’ve now got a whitelisting option available on our Stripe Account, so we can ‘force’ Stripe to accept payments that they’d otherwise consider too high a risk. This only works is Stripe is the one blocking your payment though. If your bank is doing the blocking, we can’t help directly with that.

If a payment is declined when funds are available, please check with your bank and let them know the payment is authorised. You can even reach out to us here first if you want, and we can let you know the specific message the bank sent back in response to the payment attempt.

We’ve also set up a number of alternate payment options, including a Direct Debit option using GoCardless & WISE that should resolve any issues with your bank not allowing the payments to go through. There’s a few options there though, so if you’re having issues, please check if any of those will work for you.

You can find these options on Your Subscriptions page in the Members Area… the standard Warrior Plus options are at the top of the page and the fallback options are down the bottom.

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  • Severo Larranaga

    Pleas keep us posted, we are interested in knowing the adjustments you have made.

    Severo Larranaga

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