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Those who are also members of EzAdz will be aware of this, but for everyone else, we recently had to make some major updates to the EzAdz site, after our banner rotator codes stopped working in a couple of the major web browsers. To fix that we ended up ‘moving’ the app onto our main web server and rebuilding it in a format that is more compatible with the rest of our websites, including EzClix.

And while that was a bit of a pain, it has given us a number of new promotional options for your links and banners…

Specifically, we can now use the EzAdz style campaigns to rotate your Thumbnail Screenshots and Banners on virtually any other website we want. And since we’ve already got our banner campaign codes on some 500+ traffic sites, so that’s going to be lot of new exposure for your banners.

That’s just the cream though…

We can now also be showing your thumbnail screenshots as Login Ads on many of those same websites, using the same EzAdz scripting. If that doesn’t make a lot of sense, that’s OK … the short version is, we’re about to start showing your banners and screenshots on a LOT more websites!

The catch is, the current formatting of your screenshots is a bit small for use as Login Ads. These are usually quite a bit larger, so our current sizing isn’t going to work, and will probably be blocked by a lot of the websites we want to use.

So we’ve just updated the screenshot process so it generates a larger 900px x 450px image.

When you upload that image, our system will make a smaller copy for use on EzClix… to keep our pages loading fast when we use more than one screenshot…

And we’ll also update the database to tell us which Links have the larger image saved…

And those Links are the (only) ones that will be shown randomly on all these other websites.

Right now there’s a grand total of two links with the new larger screenshots saved… so they are the only links being shown on these other sites. That’s OK, as we haven’t added to code to many other websites yet, but that will be changing very soon, so it is in your interests to remake your screenshots ASAP!

I know from experience, a lot of people will put this off and some will just not bother at all, so ANYONE  who takes a few minutes right now to make the new larger screenshots, is going to get a lot more traffic.

So please be sure to attend to this next time you login!

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    I missed most of the EzSitez stuff when I set this up in early January… What are Screenshot Thumbnails and how do I produce them?


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