Major Site Update Happening Today (Sun 17/3)

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve had some issues with EzAdz’ Banner Campaigns recently. Something changed in the way that some of the major browsers handled ‘cookies‘, and as a result, our script started having trouble detecting which banner was just shown… so it could redirect the user to the correct link.

As a result, people clicking on your banners were getting redirected to one of your other links, or even our ‘fallback’ page.

We’ve spent most of last week trying to come up with a workable solution and I think we’ve got it sorted now.

About the only issue we’ve found so far, is if you try to show the same EzAdz campaign more than once on the same page. That was also an issue on the original script, so the solution is the same… if you want to add multiple banners to a single page, make sure you use different campaigns for each instance.

If you’ve got a bit of time to check a few of your campaigns, we’d appreciate any and all feedback. It is a tough one for us to test as we can’t easily tell which banners we should be seeing, and it’s not always clear from the banner where we should end up when we click.

If you are checking your own campaigns, please remember, free accounts will show other campaign banners approximately 20% of the time, so please don’t panic if you see someone else’s banner. Just refresh the page and see what comes up next.

Of course if it seems like a wrong banner is coming up repeatedly, or you have an upgraded account and you’re still seeing other people’s banners, please do let us know the campaign code and the actual page you’re viewing, and we’ll look into it ASAP.

We also found a lot of broken banner links in the system, so we added some extra code to deal with that. EzAdz will now automatically hide any banner that doesn’t load on the first attempt. At this stage we haven’t added anything to your Campaign Manager to let you check and update any broken links, but we will get on to that this week!

Some of these might be temporary timeouts, but lot of other websites will disable your banners entirely if they don’t load, so this is the safest option for everyone. We’ll add a page to your dashboard so you can easily check any disabled banners… if it loads OK for you, just re-enable it, otherwise if it keeps getting paused, either delete it from your campaign or find a better hosting option for it.

OK, that’s it for now. Please check your campaigns when you get a chance, and any issues or questions, please do reach out!

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