Managing Your Banners

Thanks very much to everyone who reported back on their banner campaigns. It sounds like this is all working quite well again, so things are back on track, and as the modifications we added kick in, I think everyone will benefit from the improved performance.

We’ve now added an extra link to your main dashboard to Paused Campaigns… this will show a count when you login, so a zero [ 0 ] means you’re all good, while anything else means you have banners that have been paused and should be checked.

When you load that page, any paused banners will be listed… some will be visible, some will have the broken image icon instead. The broken images will either need to be fixed or deleted, while any that are loading OK now were false positives and can be re-activated. You’ll find detailed instructions on the page.

The only major request at this stage is, if you find the same banner keeps getting paused, please try a different host. If they are repeatedly paused it means the host website is either unreliable or just too slow. There’s a link on that page to some good, fast and free image hosting if you need it.

Any questions or problems, please do reach out. And thanks again for the feedback and your help with the testing!

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