Update Your Turbinance Banners

It looks like Turbinance has taken exception to our banner rotators and a couple of members have reported that their saved banners have been blocked or deleted. So everyone should login to check and make sure you still have banners showing.

If your banners are showing OK, you should probably make the changes below now to be safe. Up to you!

If your banners have been removed, you’ll find three new ones listed on the instructions page for Turbinance. Just add the new banners with the old page links and you’ll be good to go.

The new banners are pretty basic but they’ll do the job. We will get something better made shortly, and just overwrite the files, so you won’t need to do anything. In the middle of tax time right now, so hopefully I’ll get onto this next week!

If you prefer… you can really use any banner from any of the programs that feature on the destination page. So for example, if you’re promoting the ‘Simple Viral’ page, you could use a banner from any of the programs listed on that page… Buckets of Banners, Traffic G, Turbinance, Share My Ads, EzBanners or Tron Bannerz.

While you’re logged in to Turbinance, it could be a good time to revisit the compensation plan if you skipped that the first time around. We’re starting to see quite a few of our newer Members leveling up when they set this up now, so if you’re actively promoting EzHitzs, you want to make sure you’re keeping ahead of your referrals!




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