Update to the Monthly Prize Draw

Well being locked-down with Covid for a week did have one up-side…  I’ve finally gotten around to updating the Monthly Prize Draw process!

And I think you’re going to like the new format and the new prizes!

Going forward we’re going to switch to a Monthly Points Competition and we’ll be awarding two prizes each month… one for the outright Points Leader and another that will be drawn randomly from all Members who qualify by reaching a minimum number of points.

The two winners will now have an EzClix Optin page added to our Premium Traffic Rotator for one full month. This is a special rotator set up that we send all our most expensive traffic through. This is mostly top-tier solo ad traffic as well as some premium traffic packages that we purchase on a weekly basis.

So we’ll add an extra page for the two monthly winners… with your Member ID embedded… and leave those there for the full month.

It’s early days but I’m hopeful that each of the winners will get some 20-30 opt-ins.

And if any of those people join up, you’ll get the referral and the ongoing commissions.

So we’re basically hoping the winners will get their EzClix accounts fully funded!

(Make sure you have your WarriorPlus affiliate link saved on EzClix!)

The first competition will start on the 1st of February, with the draw set to happen automatically at 12:01 am on the 1st of March.  The monthly Points Leader will be decided then and we’ll do a random draw immediately after that. Winners will be notified real time and the next competition will launch automatically as well.

We are still putting all this together but we expect to have the Newsletter Prize links and the Login Ad Links fully functional for February 1, so you’ll have the opportunity to earn a random number of points when you login and click the newsletter prize link. As you view additional pages, the number of points you can earn will also increase.

There will be limits on how many pages you can view each login or newsletter… we don’t want anyone to spend too much time on this… and the minimum number of points to qualify for the monthly random draw prize will be based on doing a small amount on a regular basis.

We plan to add similar points/tracking for banner clicks and screenshot clicks from inside the Member’s Area, so we’re hoping this will provide a little extra incentive to support your fellow Members.

We have updated the info on the Prize Draw page to explain the new system, the rule and the rewards. That is subject to change as we put it all together, but you can check that out to get the current info if you’re interested.

We’ll add a Leaderboard to that page shortly… just remember it is testing only until the first comp kicks off on 1st Feb!

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  • Robin

    Hello Brad,

    This sounds great. It doesn’t take a lot to get in the competition and it’s a valuable incentive to support each other. The opportunity to get our Site listed in the premium Rotator for a month is platinum.

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