SWAP OUT – All Sites, Action Required!

In case you missed it, Cash In On Banners disappeared last week sometime and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back. We’ve been using it extensively in various traffic strategies on all our sites, so it caused a few headaches.

We started looking at a few alternatives, but most of them seemed more focused on their various upsells than actually delivering traffic, so in the end we decided to set up our own version of the site. In what must be an all-time record, 2 days later and…

EzBannerz.net is now open for business!

It’s a standard Viral Ad Banner site, 100% free to join and use.

All we ask is that you do use it!

These sites work incredibly well when everyone does a little bit… so please get yourself registered ASAP, update any links on any of our sites… or any other places you might have listed CIOB… and lets see how big we can grow this!

Remember, this is brand new, so your potential audience is EVERYONE!

In know CIOB used to consistently deliver a few new sign ups for me every week, and it had been around for years. So EzBannerz should be a very easy program to promote for anyone wanting to go hard!

Updating Your Accounts

Because CIOB was so entwined in our operations, we decided to ‘swap it out’ rather than just delete it…

It was heavily embedded in EzHitzs and SrSly. It was also in the Traffic Engine for EzAdz. So we changed the details in each instance and EzBannerz will now show up in the same spot… but your UserIDs will be wrong!

So you’ll need to login to those sites separately, check your listings and update your usernames.

Please start by logging in to either SrSly or EzHits… which ever you joined first… and using the program link there to register with EzBannerz. If you then move on to any others, that should preserve the integrity of our various downlines as much as possible.

Make sure you also check any banner campaigns (EzAdz or ITB or any of the exchanges you use) that might have CIOB banners that you can swap out.







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