Simple Video Press | YouTube Publishing + List Building Automation

Download Simple Video Press Here:

Powerful YouTube + WordPress automation.
a BRAND-NEW Video Marketing Plugin that is going to REVOLUTIONIZE how you market your videos online!

Our software is a WordPress plugin – you install it.
It asks for your YouTube Credentials and you are off to the races.

In one minute it will gather all of your YouTube Videos and create individual posts for each video. At that point you decide what you want to publish and your done! Not only will it bring all of your videos to your site it will also bring all of the comments from YouTube.

From that point going forward – every video you publish on YouTube will magically appear on your site! Every comment made on YouTube will also show up on your site as well! Even if the video gets a comment 2 weeks after you publish the post – in less than an hour that comment will also show up on your website!

Do you publish Monthly, Weekly or Daily videos? If so – no longer will you have to worry about the labor involved in putting these on your site! In the settings you decide if you want it to “auto publish” or “save it as a draft”. If you choose to save it as a draft – the software will send you an email letting you know a draft is pending 🙂

In a nutshell – it does the heavy lifting for you!

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