Quick Fixes & Mods

The following items are mostly responses to member requests & bug reports, so I’ll add them to single post each week… and you can act on any as required.

Your Website Links

Fixed a bug stopping this from displaying properly, plus we added a ‘label’ field so you can call it whatever you want. This will show on your Contact page, plus in the top right ‘Brought to you by’ box on the Info page. You can modify the link and the label in your Profile.

AdCard Links

A couple of people caught this one… thank you! … AdCard links are now back to opening in a new window.

Image Uploads for Advertisers

We’ve added an option to upload images for individual AdCards to the Editor Page for your Advertisers. (Accessed via the Manage Your  Ad link on your AdBoard. This will only appear if the image Add-On has been purchased and paid for.

We’ll also be adding this option to the universal uploader in the Members Dashboard shortly, so you can add images to all your own ads from one place. Watch this space…

Your Advertisers Lists

This was showing a lot of dupes on the full list so we’ve changed the ways it’s done, so you should now only see unique email addresses. There could still be a glitch where the same person shows up multiple times if they use a different username, so keep any eye on that while we work it out.

If you haven’t looked at that one yet, make sure you check it out, consider ‘how’ you might like to contact there people and build a connection. Also keep an eye out for a post on AutoResponder options… I’l lbe posting that shortly looking for some feedback and ideas on how best to integrate that in your accounts!

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